A Russian Farm Is Giving Cows VR Headsets To Reduce Anxiety

The next stage of evolution.

In this age of wokeness and increased awareness about the plights on animals in the factory farming industry, could one solution to the anguish of dairy cows be to place virtual reality headsets on them so that they have the simulation of a better life?

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This is a solution that is apparently being tested out at the RusMoloko dairy farm in Moscow’s Ramensky district, where the cows are given virtual reality headsets which simulate a beautiful summer field rather than the cramped and confined farms they’re more likely to be contained in. The thinking behind this is that a happy cow will produce more milk and a statement released by the Russian Agriculture Ministry saying the following:

Virtual reality architects created a unique summer field simulation programme based on numerous studies showing that cows are better at perceiving shades of red than green and blue tones on the colour spectrum.

Initial tests reveal that is has boosted the overall mood of the herd and recorded a decrease in anxiety.

Hmmm. No news yet on whether the cows are producing more milk or better quality milk, but I’m assuming that will be revealed in the future.

Or not, as I’m pretty sure that this is fake news. I remember seeing something like this a year or so ago and it was just a satire video that some company made and nobody was really buying it and it wasn’t that big so I didn’t bother writing about it, but now that it’s blown up in the last 24 hours I can’t track down the original source of the video to confirm/deny it. Here’s the video, turns out it was for Appenzeller cheese from Switzerland:

So yeah, just putting it out there that I don’t actually think this is real, but it seems to have convinced everyone else so maybe it is? The official Russian statement looks like it could be on a legit website, but they could have just duplicated it or linked it to a feed from a legit website and stuck this one in for the lolz and virality.

The fact there are only two pictures of one cow kinda makes backs me up on this one too, but I guess we’ll probably never find out until cows are using virtual reality headsets everywhere. Surely the fact that virtual reality headsets are crazy expensive kinda make the whole experiment null and void as there’s no way it can be profitable for a very long time? Anybody think abut that?

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