Russell Crowe Threw A Tantrum At Virgin Airways On Twitter Then Got Completely Owned

Russell Crowe

It was for one of the dumbest reasons ever as well.

Sometimes it’s good to know that celebrities are just like you, despite being world-famous and having loads of money.

It turns out that Russell Crowe’s Christmas was similar to a lot of people’s. He got his kids hover boards and also had a bunch of problems with public transport. So much so that he decided to let the whole world know by venting at Virgin Airways via his Twitter account.

What was the problem? That his kids weren’t allowed to take their new hover boards on the flight because of their lithium batteries. Lol. Unfortunately the rant didn’t turn out too well for Russell and he ended up looking like a bit of a knob and getting trolled massively by everyone looking on. Whoops.

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Oof. I guess the moral of the story is to always read the small print. In fairness though nobody ever does that so you can kind of feel some sympathy for Russell Crowe, but the fact of the matter is he can’t really complain because if he had done what he was supposed to have done then it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Instead he just went on a Twitter rant and now everyone thinks he’s an idiot. There’s no news on if he managed to get on the plane and go on holiday but here’s hoping. I’m sure he could just give the hover boards to some lucky punters in the airport and buy his kids some new ones wherever he’s going he’s that rich.

P.S. Remember when Michael Jackson used to terrorise Russell Crowe with prank calls? Yeah, that used to really happen.


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