Russell Brand Vs Jeremy Paxman On Newsnight

Russell Brand Jeremy Paxman Newsnight

Russell Brand went at it with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight and as usual, there was only one winner.

When exactly did Newsnight become must watch TV? A couple of weeks ago the Cookie Monster made a cameo and since then it’s just got better and better.

We had to highlight this interview though as it features Sick Chirpse fave Russell Brand going one on one with Jeremy Paxman and really taking it to him, discussing topics ranging from beards (particularly Paxman’s new unfortunate effort), revolution and Brand’s new editorship of the political magazine New Statesman, and of course their hatred of the Tory party.

It really is great and surprising how Russell Brand has developed from a fairly average comedian who liked to talk about shagging girls all the time into someone who is really trying to educate people and make a difference to the world in terms of the environment and equality. Long may it continue. With a sprinkling of the dirty stuff too, obviously.

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