Rumours Suggest That ‘GTA 6’ Will Be Released At Christmas 2024

Let’s hope they’re true.

The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video games are pretty much undeniably the best ones out there, so understandably demand for the next edition of the franchise has been at fever pitch considering it’s been almost ten years since the release of ‘GTA V’.

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Speculation about ‘GTA 6’ has been rife in recent months after the infamous autumn leak last year, but there’s a now a rumour that the release date will be sometime next year just in time for Christmas. The news comes courtesy of GTA leaker @TezFunz2, who has been right about some of his predictions in the past.

Here’s what he had to say:

Well, that probably isn’t that surprising considering they’ve probably been working on it for a decade and they’re obviously gonna release it in the run up to Christmas as that’s the biggest market, so it definitely sounds like it’s plausible. However, video game release dates always seem to get pushed back massively so I wouldn’t be putting it on your Christmas list yet for next year if I was you. Still a long, long way to go.

For more of the same, check out this leak of the ‘GTA 6’ map. It’s absolutely massive.


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