A Rude Cityboy Got Absolutely Rinsed By An Old Woman When He Tried To Slut Shame A Girl On The Tube

London Tube

This is one of the best responses we’ve ever featured – the guy got absolutely TOLD.

There is absolutely nothing cool or awesome about dissing girls for wearing revealing clothes or trying to slut shame them: it’s their choice and they can do whatever the hell they want as far as I’m concerned – in fact we should just stop using the word slut entirely.

Unfortunately not everyone thinks like that though, and you hear about people being absolute jerks to girls and catcalling them as they’re just trying to go about their business all the time. This time, it was some big shot suit on the tube (who thankfully wasn’t doing cocaine in full view of everyone like this dude, although he may have done a line before trying this) who thought that it was OK to make suggestive remarks about what a woman he was standing opposite was wearing.

Fortunately, there was an unlikely hero present to help this woman out: a really old woman, who proceeded to absolutely rinse this guy with some of the most abrasive language to ever come out of an OAP’s mouth, to the point where the suit had no comeback and just had to walk off with his tail in between his legs. Absolute fair play there girl.

You can read the full story below in this Facebook status update.

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