Rookie Skydiver Saved At The Last Minute By Instructor After Going Into Terrifying Death Spin

Skydiver Falling Death Spin

Going into a ‘death spin’ must be truly terrifying.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m fucking terrified of heights and I don’t think you’ll ever catch me doing a skydive or hanging off a crane like James Kingston. Videos like this don’t do anything to change that belief.

It’s happening over in Romania and even though the conditions for a skydive are pretty much perfect, rookie Eugene completely forgets his training and starts to spin uncontrollably in midair. Obviously this panicked him and he gains more momentum as he continues to plummet to the ground in what has been described as a death spin.

Fortunately, the experienced instructors knew exactly what to do to prevent him suffering any serious injuries but still, that doesn’t make this any less terrifying. This couple with what happened to this grandma when she did a skydive makes me never want to do one ever. Ever.


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