Ronnie Pickering Has Turned Down The Chance To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother

Ronnie Pickering


Celebrity road rager Ronnie Pickering had reportedly been heading for the celebrity Big Brother house – further causing us to question the definition of the term ‘celebrity’ – this summer, but he’s disappointingly revealed that he’s decided to turn down the opportunity.

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He had this to say about his reasoning:

Ronnie Pickering

I don’t want to go into detail.

I’m not interested in appearing on the show. I’m already well-known, I don’t need the fame.

Who wants to go into a house where there are cameras picking you up every time you snore or scratch your balls? Not me.

If that happens I’ll give the lot to Lee Newton’s L6ve Life Foundation.

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Fair play to the guy I suppose, although I am slightly upset that we’ll never get to see a video of all the contestants saying ‘who are you?’ and Ronnie replying ‘I’m Ronnie Pickering’ in his trademark style. You know that shit would be going viral.

It’s a shame he won’t be appearing on the show too (not that I would watch it) because you could see him getting pretty mardy with the other contestants and possibly whacking one of them. That might be slightly entertaining.

If you care about Celebrity Big Brother, then the following people who I’ve never heard of are rumoured to be involved with it this year Chloe Khan, Lady Colin Campbell, Gogglebox stars Chris Steed and Stephen Webb, former Corrie actress Helen Flanagan and Union J’s Jaymi Hensley.

And just in case you’ve forgotten his legendary road rage incident, click here.


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