Ronnie Pickering Is Selling His Car On Ebay

Ronnie Pickering Car eBay

Jesus Christ won’t this guy give it a rest?

A couple of days ago I predicted (hoped) that we had heard the last of Ronnie Pickering when it was announced that he would be appearing at a nightclub in Coventry, but it turns out he’s back for more as he’s now selling his famed road rage car on eBay.

In fairness to the guy this isn’t another cry for attention or attempt to make money off his internet notoriety, as he’s donating all the money he makes from its sale to the charity L6ve Life which goes towards researching motor neurone disease. So I mean fair play to the guy.

Apparently he came up with the idea when he was having a beer with his mate Dave in the pub and Dave suggested it to him. Nice one Dave.

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Ronnie Pickering's Car 1

Ronnie has signed the car – along with his infamous quote ‘don’t you know who I am?’ – and it went up on eBay last night. You can check out some pictures from it on the slideshow below, but it already has a bid of £22,101 on it somehow at the time of writing.

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Ronnie Pickering's Car 2

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