Ronnie O’Sullivan Farted On Live TV & Immediately Blamed The Referee (VIDEO)

Fair play.

During his 4-2 Northern Ireland Open third-round triumph over Matthew Stevens the other day, snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan let one rip inside the empty Milton Keynes arena, with his fart echoing around the ultra silent room and on live TV for all to hear.

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Pretty amusing in itself (hey, it’s Friday – it’s OK to laugh at farts), but bonus points to Ronnie for immediately blaming the ref:

He was good enough to own up to the fart later on though:

Dropped my guts? What a way to describe passing wind. What I want to know though is did he miss the follow-up shot because of the fart? Did he stink up the room or feel that embarrassed that he then fluffed his next move at the table? I guess it doesn’t really matter because he won in the end, but I bet I’m not the only one wondering.

Anyway, another incident to add to Ronnie O’Sullivan’s ‘bad boy of snooker’ CV, right under leaving his shirt untucked and trying to play a match in his socks because his shoes hurt. Somebody stop him!

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