Lady’s Gender Reveal Fart Is An Instant Classic (NSFW VIDEO)

Maybe the best one yet.

People love to hate on gender reveal videos and I can understand why – they’ve long gotten out of control.

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However as long as there are Like buttons on the internet to give parents-to-be that sweet validation before their lives officially end, there are going to be gender reveal videos. Here’s one of the stupidest ones you’ll ever see courtesy of Paige Ginn on Twitter:

Truly inspirational. Getting butt naked and farting blue baby powder into the air to reveal the gender of your baby to your cackling crew of sisters.

You have to love it really. At least no damage was done, like this gender reveal in Tucson, AZ last year which caused a bush fire that cost 8.2 million to contain:

Just this week another gender reveal party caused a massive plane crash in Texas. Starting to think they might be more trouble than they’re worth.


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