This Training Video Of Ronda Rousey Proves She’s An Absolute BEAST

Ronda Rousey Training Camp

Would you expect anything less?

Ronda Rousey is scheduled to fight boxing champ Holly Holm over in Australia on November 14th and it doesn’t look like she’s taking the challenge lightly judging by these recently released videos of her training regime leading up to the fight.

Despite the fact that people are mainly talking about her dissing Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, Ronda herself has actually been hard at work in a training camp at Glendale Fighting Club. This is the first time that we’ve seen full montages of her training regime before one of her fights – sure we’ve seen a couple of clips on UFC countdown shows and a couple of open workouts, but it’s not exactly the same, as this shows extended highlights and it’s all in beautiful HD.

There are already two of them available and it looks like we’re going to get a weekly dose of it before Ronda heads down to Australia to acclimatise before the fight. That’s a key part of the process you know.

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The training videos are cool as it’s good to know what she gets up to in the weeks before the fight, but I think it’s kind of unfortunate that whoever made the first one felt the need to put that dumb Team America montage song in the background to it. I mean it was kind of funny when Team America did it because they were taking the piss out of montages, but you’re actually making one that people want to see so maybe don’t take the piss out of it dude.

Just an idea, you can see that by how sick the second one is anyway. For another sick montage, check out the one below of people getting knocked the fuck out, just like Ronda is probably going to do to Holly come November 14th.


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