Romain Laurent’s Surreal Photography Will Completely Mess With Your Brain

Romain Laurent makes photos you’ll want to stare at for ages. And ages.

Romain Laurent is a French photographer born in the alps who now lives in New York. He’s had a great deal of success in the advertising business, you might recognise some of the photos below from various ad campaigns. We recently showed you some of Laurent’s other work in the form of those weird personal GIF portraits. They’re pleasing and I can’t really work out why I love them so much?

Laurent’s still work has almost as much movement as his GIFs, he’s a master of still motion. Still motion? I made that up. Is that a thing? Doesn’t matter. Carry on…

His work has a subtlety to it, but also a blatant weirdness. Like the first picture below; at first glance it’s just a bored looking guy with too many shoes, then all of a sudden you notice the tiny little monkey in a suit at the bottom left.

I studied product design at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts in Paris because I wanted to draw cars and then I discovered photography is a better to show people my strange ideas.

Laurent’s only a relatively young fella but he’s already worked with some big names like WAD Magazine, Reebok, Hermes, Lacoste, Nissan, VW, Google, Hilton and GQ. Here are some of his recent photography masterpieces.

Click through the slides below:

Romain Laurent - Shoes

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