Romain Laurent Makes The Strangest GIF Portraits And We Can’t Get Enough Of Them

Romain Laurent’s GIF portraits are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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Romain Laurent is a professional photographer and film maker. He works on high budget ad campaigns and the like, but in his spare time he makes enchantingly daft GIF portraits. I’m not sure if there’s any rhyme or reason to them, they just are. Enjoy them for that reason alone, I guess.

I assume the general stresses and strains of being an artist for cash might make you go a bit screwy in the upstairs department. Everyone needs an outlet. That’s why I have a massive collection of antique shoes (only joking… or am I?).

If you need some light relief, slip your brain into neutral and click through the following slides:

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Romain Laurent - Portraits - Skateboard Flip

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