Rolf Harris Has Written ANOTHER Grim Song Mocking His Sex Victims

Rolf Harris

It’s called Gutter Girls.

Rolf Harris is up to his old tricks again. Once again he has proved to the world that he quite literally doesn’t give a fuck, by writing a song in prison called ‘Gutter Girls’ where he mocks his sex victims. Leave it out, Rolf.

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The song, which he plans to release once he has finished his five year prison sentence, includes the lyrics:

Sleeping in the daytime, lying every night. She’s scheming screaming bloody rape. And she’s got you in her sight.

Whoa there. Pretty strong stuff to be writing out – surely a convicted paedophile should NOT be singing about rape. And apparently this is just one of many tracks set to make up an album he is planning called ‘Justice For All’. Yeah, we’ve got justice for all mate – you in prison.

Rolf harris

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According to reports, he envisions the new song to be a classic ‘Rolf’ track with the whole didgeridoo and wobbleboards treatment. Yeah, good luck getting that shit commissioned Rolf.

If I were him I’d just keep my mouth shut and carry on making didgeridoos out of loo rolls. No one wants to hear your trash talking songs dude.


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