Rolf Harris Is Making Didgeridoos Out Of Toilet Roll In Prison

Rolf Harris

Rolf is having the time of his life in the big house.

Prison looks like a pretty boring place to me, with not much to do except beat people up and rape each other if popular television shows are anything to go by.

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Nevertheless, convicted sex offender Rolf Harris – who was found guilty of four counts of indecent assault against you women, including one as young as seven – has found another way to pass the time: making didgeridoos out of toilet rolls and matches and subsequently playing them.

Although the guards keep confiscating them, Rolf keeps making them and playing them and it pisses everyone in the whole prison off. Here’s what an unnamed source had to say about it:

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He joins the tubes together with matchsticks, it’s driving everyone mad.

He sits in his cell and tries to play his home-made didgeridoo.

It’s not the real deal but it acts as a therapy for him.

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Considering Rolf is a convicted paedophile and a celebrity, it’s highly likely that he’s already been beaten up and raped by the other prisoners multiple times, but if he hasn’t then this is a fast track way to getting that to happen. I guess he needs it as his form of ‘therapy’ though.

When he was first throwing prison following his July 2014 conviction, Harris fashioned a didgeridoo out of materials he found in the jail garden. It took him about a month but was eventually confiscated as well – it seems like he has moved onto more temporary solutions following their repeated confiscation.

Since then, Rolf has also joined the prison choir and is said to really enjoy himself singing with other inmates on Sunday. In the meantime, he’s pleaded not guilty to eight other offences, including the assault of a disabled woman.

Seems like he’s having a bit too good a time of it in there, even without his didgeridoo if he did do half of the stuff he’s been found guilty of or been accused of. Let’s hope those other prisoners are sorting him out and they guards keep smashing up his stupid didgeridoos.

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