‘The People’s Elbow’ Was Created As A Joke To Make The Undertaker Laugh During A Match

The most electrifying move in sports entertainment started off as a piss take.

‘The People’s Elbow’ may be famously remembered as the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, but according to Triple H, the first time Dwayne Johnson used the move it was intended as a piss take to make The Undertaker laugh.

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HHH told TMZ the other day:

I believe the first time Rock did The People’s Elbow was in a match where we were tryna make ‘Taker crack.

It absolutely started [as a joke] and then it was getting huge reaction and everybody went with it.

The Undertaker is the most notoriously ‘in character’ wrestler of all time who took his gimmick so seriously that he never cracked a smile for anyone, so it’s pretty funny to think that The Rock pulled out this ridiculous move to make him laugh which then accidentally went on to become one of the most famous moves in pro wrestling.

If you grew up watching WWE when The Rock is around, then there’s no doubt you’ve dropped a People’s Elbow on your sibling, a pillow or a friend at some point. It’s just a fun and easy move to do. What I need to know is whether it actually made The Undertaker laugh the first time The Rock used it. I’d like to think not. But I bet he cracked a smile at least once during the many legendary promos The Rock gave during his career:

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