The Rock Has Confused Everyone With His 2017 Workout Setup

Can you smell what The Rock is pooping?

Who has time to walk all the way to the toilet when you can just install one under your squat rack so you can literally take a shit while working out?

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Welcome to The Rock’s world:

He explains:

Yup, there’s a toilet in the squat rack. We got after it hardcore this week at my good bud @gunnarfitness’ spot in LA. Intense chest, tri’s and neck training. Gunnar keeps a toilet (non-functioning;) in the rack which a whole other level of psychological bad assery.

What a legend. Anyone else who installed a toilet in their gym would probably be seen as a bit of a twat but The Rock does it and it’s instantly the coolest move ever. To be fair The Rock could take a shit on the floor right in front of you and you’d still think he was the coolest guy alive. Just another day in the awesome life of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


For the time The Rock actually went on TV and revealed the contents of that bum bag, click HERE.


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