Rock Band ‘Nothing But Thieves’ Are Being Accused Of Sexually Abusing Teenage Girls

Here we go again.

Even in the time of a global pandemic like Coronavirus, it seems like rock stars are still out there creepily abusing young and vulnerable fans and the latest band to be called out about it are ‘Nothing But Thieves’.

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The Southend On Sea rockers have toured the world – most notably supporting Muse on an arena tour at one point – but it turns out that they may have been using their fame to pick up young girls and being sexually manipulative and abusive in the process. A girl named Kera Stewart has started a Twitter thread where she’s collected evidence of them being particularly creepy and weird to girls and abusing their status as successful musicians to multiple girls – some being as young as 16 – including her own experience with guitarist Dom.

As is often the case with these things, a bunch of other people began to share their experiences with the band too. Here’s what she had to say:

Yeah, whilst this isn’t the worst case of sexual abuse that I’ve heard in relation to rock stars and their fans, it still doesn’t look too good does it when there are a bunch of screenshots – or receipts as the kids are calling them now – and a bunch of other people coming forward with similar experiences to back up their stories. Obviously social media has been known to be toxic in the past and end up lynching people before any evidence has been presented, but in this case it really does look as if the guys haven’t really been behaving themselves and using their status as rock stars to take advantage of young girls and just be general creeps.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if they have to face any consequences, but there usually isn’t any smoke without fire in these cases.

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