The Full Depravity Of Emo Singer William Control’s ‘Brainwashed BDSM Sex Cult’ Has Been Revealed

William Control

This is seriously messed up.

A couple of days ago, we stuck up a post about a woman accusing the singer of mid 00s emo band wiL Francis AKA William Control of running a sex cult where he brainwashed a bunch of impressionable young girls into essentially working as sex slaves for him. We were in no way ready for the response that we received.

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We wrote the post because one of our writers saw a friend of a friend share it on Facebook and we figured that some other media outlets would pick up on it fairly shortly too as it was doing the rounds and this was pretty much exactly how the whole Jesse Lacey/Brand New story came out last November. Turns out we’re pretty much the only media outlet to post about it for some reason and as such, even more victims of William Control started to contact us to try and get their stories out to the world about what a vile human being he is.

Obviously Sick Chirpse isn’t exactly a hotbed of journalistic integrity, so it was decided that the victims would start their own website where they could share stories of their abuse by him, which would include extremely graphic videos and photos (we’ll admit we weren’t sure that this site was the best place to host such content too). This website is going to be constantly updated as more women come forward and share their stories as we expect them to do so.

We’re hoping the mainstream media and more trusted sources will pick up on it as well following these revelations, as this is a very serious situation that needs much more attention than we are able to provide it with.

Wil Francis

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You can check out the website here, but be warned – it features pretty graphic videos and pictures of sexual violence against women and its aftermath. There are also some absolutely horrendous and harrowing stories that will leave you feeling pretty messed up after you read them. William Control sounds like a seriously awful human being, to put it mildly.

If you’ve been affected by the actions of William than we encourage you to stand with the other victims and share your story with the blog, even if it’s anonymously. We just need as many accounts of this guy’s depravity out there so that everyone knows what a scumbag he is and no more girls are brainwashed into his – for lack of a better word – control.

There are also pending police cases against him and again if you’ve been affected by William’s actions to the extent of some of the other people on the blog, then you should also talk to the police too. In the US, the case number is 190518-1905 and you should talk to Detective Adams of Federal Way on +1 (253) 835 6795. In the UK, the crime reference number is 2703856/18.

If you missed the original allegations against William, then click here. Pretty harrowing.


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