If Your Job Is On This List, You Could Be Replaced By A Robot In 2020



We’ve announced several times on this site that we’re Team Human over robots every time. We keep saying that we need to do something about the nerds who keep creating high-tech robots that will eventually overthrow humanity.

As if you needed any more convincing that this really isn’t a joke anymore but actually a legit concern, experts have now released a list of jobs which will be replaced on a massive scale way sooner than you think — with the process starting in 2020.


The full report identified 406 jobs that are at risk — with the top at-risk jobs listed below.

Researcher Park Ka-yeul from the Korea Employment Information Service says:

A.I. will only replace repetitive work and sensible main decision-making will still remain exclusive to humans.

It’s beneficial for humans, because we can avoid hard manual labor and concentrate on more important decision-making.

These are the jobs most at risk from AI:

Security guard

Delivery man

Concrete worker

Tax payment administrator


Street Cleaner

Factory worker

What are humans going to do with all their free time once the robots replace their jobs? Not to mention that this is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve all seen what Google’s Atlas Robot is capable of.

Other reports suggest we’ll have the means to turn ourselves into ‘God-like cyborgs’ in 200 years. So what happens then? Do we get the jobs back?



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