Robot Gymnast Nails Triple Backflip Off High Bar

It seems like the next generation of gymnastics is here.

Watching the Olympics last year I caught some gymnastics and I was pretty amazed at what gymnasts could actually do with their bodies and how easy and graceful they made it look. However, it looks as if robots are the next step in the evolution of gymnastics if this video is anything to go by.

The video below is pretty unbelievable as the robot – called Kovacs – sets itself up on the high bar and then begins to spin around and around and around. Before the big trick, it manages to do another where it lets go above the high bar, does a few tight flips and then grabs back onto it. I think in real gymnastics this would be a way for the gymnast to gain speed and momentum but with a robot it just sluggishly grabs back on and has to start again, but that doesn’t stop it from completely nailing a triple backflip dismount.

You can even see a slow motion replay which makes it looks even more impressive. Technology man.

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