Robin Van Persie Completely Trolls Piers Morgan By Sending Him An Autographed Photo Of Him Kissing The Premier League Trophy



Robin Van Persie Piers Morgan

This is completely awesome. I don’t think anybody really likes Piers Morgan – he’s such a pompous twat right? – so I think even Arsenal fans might appreciate how funny this is.

Everyone probably knows that Piers Morgan is a big Arsenal fan but you might not know that every time an Arsenal player leaves the club to go to a bigger club so they can actually win trophies – see Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Van Persie, Henry etc etc etc -he gets in a little mood on Twitter and publicly lambasts them for leaving because they wanted more money.

Anyone with half a brain can see that this is a really dumb thing to say. I mean yeah, it’s true that all those players probably earned more money than they did at Arsenal, but if they had signed new contracts at Arsenal they would have earned more money there too and it’s only natural that if you change jobs that you’re probably going to go to another one that pays you more money. It’s just common sense.

And the fact of the matter is that Arsenal haven’t won anything for ages, and pretty much all of the players who have left to go to ‘bigger’ clubs have all won trophies since they’ve been there. Footballers only have maybe 13 years trying to win something so you’ve got to appreciate that if they get the opportunity to win something they’re probably going to take it, even if it means changing clubs.

I get that Piers Morgan is angry about it and I definitely would be too but I still don’t think most of those players have moved so they have more money – it’s so they can win more trophies. Sure they’ve moved to clubs with more money but that’s so they can win things and that’s kinda different, it’s not so they earn more money themselves – they just want the trophies.

Anyway, last summer when Van Persie moved to United a lot of Arsenal fans were pissed off and I can totally understand that because I would be pretty mad if my team’s best player left the club for one of our oldest rivals. But Piers Morgan was a real twat on Twitter about it as per usual, even giving Van Persie the name ‘Van Purstrings’ – which I guess is about as funny as Piers Morgan gets.

It was probably pretty annoying for RVP to have Piers Morgan saying shit about him as well as everyone else in the whole world, so understandably he couldn’t wait to completely troll Piers Morgan once he had won the Premiership title by sending him an autographed picture with a personalised message for him. Piers mate, you got completely got.

Here’s what the message said: ‘Piersy my man, thanks for all the support! You made this day even more special! All the best, Van Pursestrings.’ And then on the back – it was a two sided print donchaknow – there’s another message: ”Great to be a champ.. so many

Piers Morgan decided to tweet all of this and share the fact that Van Persie totally and utterly rinsed him with everyone in the world. I’m not really sure why he did this – if it happened to me I would probably not tell anyone and just throw it away to save the embarrassment. The only reason I can think of is that he thought that his retort – telling RVP that he was going to use the photo as a doorstop for his loo door – was really funny and that he was completely rinsing RVP and that the internet would think that he was the winner.

Sorry Piers, but you’re still a twat and RVP still rinsed you and I’m pretty sure everyone in the whole world agrees with me.

You can check out his tweets below:

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