In 2002, Robin Thicke Was A Long Haired Hippy

Most people probably think Robin Thicke is a new artist but he’s actually been around for ten years and used to have really long hair and dress like a hippy.

If you were anywhere near a radio or TV or the internet last year, then chances are you heard Blurred Lines and you know Robin Thicke as the kind of sharply dressed man you see might see wandering around the VIP section of some lameass club who would probably be acting creepy and hitting on girls by offering to buy them expensive spirits.

This is what Robin Thicke looks like in 2013, but despite the fact that most people think he’s a new artist, he’s actually been in the game for about 10 years. And way back in 2002, he had long hair and dressed kind of like a hippy and is about as far removed as he could possibly be from his current persona. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up though.

Unsurprisingly, Thicke was still releasing slightly creepy music about banging chicks and it’s probably just as good as the stuff he’s doing now. Here’s some pictures of him looking completely weird and also the music video to ‘When I Get You Alone’ which is a total hit that I’ve heard a whole bunch of times but never clocked was him, probably because his name was just Thicke back then and not Robin Thicke. That’ll throw you.

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Robin Thicke Hippy

Robin Thicke Hippy 2

Robin Thicke Hippy 3

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