Dude Pretends To Be Robert Lewandowski In America To Pick Up Girls

Robert Lewandowski Picking Up Girls

Robert Lewandowski isn’t exactly a household name in America but that doesn’t stop someone dressing up as him and totally nailing it with loads of girls over there.

YouTube channel ‘Whatever’ – a channel dedicated to pulling off social experiments and pranks – have really got it on the money in this really stupid video where they get a Robert Lewandowski lookalike (even though he’s hardly a household name, even in Europe, which is probably my favourite part of this prank) to walk around American college campuses and try and pick up girls. And mostly succeeding.

It’s even more ridiculous as they have ‘Robert Lewandowski’ walking around in a full Borussia Dortmund strip with his name and number on the back and carrying a football and kicking it around the campus. As well as this he’s also talking in a completely dumb Polish accent and offering to fly girls to Europe to watch him play football in one of his games. Still, the dude absolutely nails it in the video, getting into double figures for the amount of numbers he scores and even full on making out with a girl he just met.

I guess the old saying that all you need to do to score girls in America is have an accent really is true.

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