Blink 182 Lyrics As Pick Up Lines

Ever have trouble picking up girls? Did you ever think to use Blink 182 lyrics as pick up lines? Here’s what happens when you do.

So I was lucky enough to go and see Blink 182 at the o2 Arena last week and we actually had a competition to win Blink 182 tickets on Sick Chirpse a while ago – Stephen Lowdon won the tickets for the Newcastle leg of the tour if you missed the announcement on Facebook –  and they were really phenomenal. Like, I expected them to be crap because whenever I’ve seen them in the past (except the first time I saw them in 2000 when Enema of the State had just come out and I was a little kid and probably didn’t know any better) they have been crap. Well, more specifically Tom Delonge has been really crap at playing guitar and singing and it looked like him and Mark Hoppus hated each other.

But at this show it seems like Tom had actually learned how to play guitar and sing properly and that him and Mark Hoppus were actually friends again. Pretty much every song was a hit too, and even though it was pretty heavy on the new record they generally played the good songs off that too. Even Up All Night and After Midnight weren’t so bad and Heart’s All Gone ruled. The whole show ruled. You should go and see them if you’re in two minds about it.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a review of a Blink 182 show I went to last week although it kind of turned into that. No it was a post about some competition I think Blink 182 had in which they got fans to try and advertise the European tour in a cool and creative way or something. I guess ticket sales weren’t so hot or something. I don’t know if this guy won but he probably should have because his video is hilarious, even if you don’t like Blink 182.

It’s just some really nerdy American guy called Tommy going up to random girls in random places and saying Blink 182 lines to them like ‘do you like my stupid hair?’ or ‘hello there, the angel from my nightmare’ or ‘show me the way to bed, show me the way you move’ or ‘I need a girl that I can train.’ Some of the reactions are killer, but most of the skits just end up with him walking away saying sorry. The third one is definitely the best but I don’t wanna ruin it for you because it’s a real curveball. It’s great when he says a line and the girls just kinda stare at him so he just says the next line and expects them to react to it but they just continue to stare at him blankly. It’s great.

This is actually way funnier than I made it sound so you should definitely watch it:

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