Watch This Road Rager Get Absolutely Owned By The Oldest Trick In The Book

Road Rager Owned

That’s how you do it.

Road rage is a dirty business – and also one that’s frankly unnecessary – so it’s great when a video comes out like this that shows a road rage getting completely and utterly owned.

I’m not really sure what the context of the video is and whether the driver featured in it has been being a prick, but the road rager has decided to drive really slowly in front of him and cut him up at every opportunity. There ain’t nothing cool about that.

The road rager doesn’t get long to do it though because he gets owned by the driver with the oldest trick in the book and it comes off flawlessly. Take a look:

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Absolutely nailed it with that one. You would feel such a twat if you were the rager and you got so owned by that move, with no way to ever locate that driver and attempt to get him back. Perfection.

Of course, when it comes to road rage, it doesn’t get much better than Ronnie Pickering.


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