Road Rager Gets Instant Karma For Shouting Insults, Driver Laughs At Him Like ‘Joker’ (VIDEO)

Karma is real.

It’s always good to see a dickhead driver get their just desserts, and it’s even better when the person being abused catches the moment on film and gets to laugh in their face to boot.

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In footage shared to Liveleak, this motorist is seen hurling insults at the person filming him and receiving a nice big dose of instant karma for his troubles:

Gotta love that Joker-tier laugh there. Obviously I feel bad for the people in the yellow car who this fool crashed into but at the same time, so satisfying to see it happen.

Reminds me of similar videos we’ve shared over the years:

And who could forget this absolute classic:

Let’s just hope everyone involved in these videos is OK because it wouldn’t be nice if they got seriously hurt or worse, even if they are total idiots on the road. A solid reminder for the rest of us though to always #bekind and remember that karma is most definitely real.

To watch a 6’7″ lorry driver pull a man out of his car and batter him for making the ‘wanker’ hand signal at him, click HERE.


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