The First Full Trailer To The Ring Vs The Grudge Just Dropped And It Looks Awesome

Ring Vs Grudge

Who’s your money on?

We heard that a Ring Vs Grudge film was coming out earlier this year, but now the first full trailer has dropped we’re even more excited about this battle between the two Japanese horror heavyweights.

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The full trailer goes into a lot more detail than the original one, and of course we see the well, the tape, the girl coming out of the TV and that weird noise that the grudge makes and so naturally we’re a lot more pumped about it now. Unfortunately it’s all in Japanese with no subtitles, so I’ve got absolutely no idea what’s going on in it really, aside from the fact that it’s probably essentially the same as every other horror movie that’s ever been made.

Check out the trailer below:

Yep, that’s really gonna be one titanic battle. The part where the ring is coming out of the TV and the grudge is coming down the stairs and those two screaming girls are caught in the middle was really, really dope.

Let’s hope this gets an English release – or at least a pirate translation – soon after it drops in Japan in the middle of next month. There would clearly be the demand for it.

Until then, check out the trailer to Lights Out for your horror fix.


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