The Ring Vs The Grudge Is Actually Happening And There’s A Trailer To Prove It

The Ring Vs The Grudge

Who’s your money on?

There’s been a long tradition of horror movie protagonists facing off against each other in a battle to the death, with the most notable being Alien Vs Predator and Freddy Vs Jason, even if it was pretty hard to determine who actually won in those movies despite the promises that a definitive victor would be crowned.

So it makes sense that two of the most shit scary movie villains of all time would eventually come up against each other, even if it has taken almost twenty years for someone to come up with the idea. Back in the late 90s, The Ring and The Grudge were two of the scariest movies ever created – I’m talking about the original Japanese versions, not the US remakes of course – and the confrontation is coming out of their birthplace of Japan so I’m confident that it might actually live up to expectations.

There’s also an official trailer to prove that it is actually happening, so check this out to whet your appetite:

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Yeah, OK, I haven’t got a clue what was going on there either thanks to it being in Japanese, but it looks like all the elements from both of the movies that made them so gripping – like the tape and the well from Ring – are going to be in there, and hopefully it’ll be a sequel worthy of both of the franchises.

In the meantime, whilst we’re waiting for this to drop – the trailer says June 2016, but some places are reporting it’s not out until 2017 – check out the trailer for The Witch which promises to be the scariest movie of the year.


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