NBA Player Suggests He’s Dating Rihanna, Rihanna Eviscerates Him On Instagram

This guy has been bullshitting the world about dating Rihanna. Here’s what she did when she found out.

An NBA basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies named Matt Barnes implied to TMZ that he was dating Rihanna, which is a weird thing for him to do because she’s never even met him.

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Here’s what he told TMZ:

And here’s Rihanna murdering him with hashtags on Instagram shortly after:

Ouch. Not the greatest of looks for this Matt Barnes bloke. We all remember the feeling back in school of thinking we’ve got “something” with a girl only to find you’ve completely misread the signals and you end up feeling very stupid indeed. It’s kind of like that except Matt Barnes is a grown man who has actually convinced himself that him and Rihanna are dating to the point he’ll announce it to one of the biggest media channels on the planet. Sorry but that’s a psycho move isn’t it?

Can’t blame Rihanna for bringing him crashing back down to Earth. But destroying people on social media is what Rihanna does best — even her own fans.


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