Rihanna Bought Shit Loads Of Pizza For Her Fans In The Rain Outside Her Manchester Gig

Power moves.

There is literally nothing worse than waiting outside a gig whilst getting drenched by the elements. Unfortunately for many British music fans, this is mostly always the case as Summer in the UK is totally shit. Fuck our lives.


Soggy fans waiting outside Rihanna’s Manchester gig at Emirates Old Trafford on Tuesday however were in for a stroke of luck. As they were waiting in the pouring rain, the queen herself sent a load of delicious pizzas and towels to her patient loyal subjects. If there’s anything better than getting free pizza, it’s eating free pizza knowing that it was bought for you especially from Rihanna.

The only way this could get any more Rihanna is if she’s sent over this weed infused pizza or the one that comes in a box you can turn into a bong.


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