You Can Now Get Weed Infused Pizza

Weed Infused Pizza

What’s better than getting high and eating pizza? Eating pizza that gets you high.

Weed is now legal in several US states and one of these is Oregon.

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In order to celebrate 4/20, a guy called Nick Ford up there owns a pizza place called P.R.E.A.M. – pizza rules everything around me – and throws what he’s terming the 4/20 Puff Puff Pizza Party. It basically involves his – and many other stoner’s – favourite things: weed, pizza and hip hop.

The difference is though that because he’s actually a really sick pizza chef he actually infuses the weed into the pizza dough so you get high whilst you’re eating it. Revolutionary.

This short documentary follows the day of the pizza party:

Yeah well, that looks like a pretty awesome way to spend 4/20. Only problem is that it’s all the way in Oregon and I don’t think I just want to go all the way over there just to celebrate 4/20 – can someone over here figure out how to do this before next year?

For some weed infused products, check out weed infused Nutella.


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