Here’s A Really Ridiculous Glitched Cutscene From GTA V

GTA V Glitched Scene

The cops break up the argument by shooting the absolute crap out of everyone.

Glitches on video games used to be really annoying as it usually meant that something was wrong and you might end up stuck walking into a wall for 500 hours or something.

Thankfully they don’t really seem to exist any more but when they do turn up, they tend to be funny and awesome rather than just frustrating and annoying. The perfect example of this is the clip below from GTA V. It’s probably more fun if we don’t spoil it for you, but it involves the cops busting in on an argument and laying down the law.

It really emphasises the line ‘I’ll rip your heart out of your chest’ when both people involved in the scene’s chests are absolutely drenched in blood because they’ve been shot so many times. Not quite as good as these FIFA glitches though.


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