Ricky Gervais Called A ‘Transphobe’ For Defending Women Refusing To Wax Trans Woman’s Balls

The outrage brigade is gunning after Ricky.

Yesterday we covered the story of trans woman Jessica Yaniv who is taking 16 salon workers to court for human rights abuses over the fact they refused to wax her cock and balls.

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Most reasonable people defended the rights of these salon workers to refuse service to Jessica, including Ricky Gervais:

Right on cue, the outrage brigade came after Ricky, accusing him of being transphobic, a fascist and all the other buzz words people use nowadays to try and ruin your life and reputation:

It’s a shame really because throwing around accusations like this (and other words like ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist’) only serve to completely neuter those words, which at this point actually seems like it wouldn’t be a bad thing considering how casually people use them now.

The maddest part is that someone did some digging and it turns out that Jessica Yaniv is pretty bigoted herself (not to mention a danger to children). No wonder she tried to take out an injunction blocking websites like us from writing about her.


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