Trans Woman Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing To Wax Her Balls



Trans woman Jessica Yaniv has filed 16 human rights complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal over in Canada, charging various waxing and aesthetic salon workers with transphobic discrimination for refusing to wax her balls/lady spheres/gender dumplings.

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Each of these salons or their workers indicated they only provided intimate area services to female clients, and despite the fact that Jessica identifies as and lives her life as a woman, the workers were not comfortable with the fact that they would have to handle/wax a pair of balls.

According to Jessica Yaniv and her supporters on social media, this is discrimination and these women should not be allowed to refuse contact with a penis, whether it belongs to a man or woman.

Incredibly, according to the Post Millennial, Jessica Yaniv was granted a publication ban which prevented the media from publishing her name or legally exploring details of her history, while her cases went to court. Why would she be worried about something like that? You’re about to find out…

As of last week, thanks to the work of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms the publication ban was lifted, and it turns out Jessica Yaniv is a bit of a bigot herself. Here are some comments she’d made on social media both as Jessica and as Jonathan Yaniv (when she still identified as male):

Even as recently as July 17th 2019, she was asking for immigration raids in her local area:

Many of the women working at these salons who refused to wax Jessica’s balls are immigrant women from cultural backgrounds which make the idea of coming into contact with a stranger’s balls/penis even more uncomfortable.

Here’s what she had to say about them:

It gets worse. Jessica Yaniv once went on a bizarre information-seeking exercise on menstrual products, leading to this weird exchange:

There’s also these screenshots where Jessica is discussing the private parts of young girls and pestering them online:

And here she is yet again, this time on semi-anonymous Q&A site Ask.FM, leaving her number to girls under the age of 16 and begging them to phone her (the number was cross-referenced with the Better Business Bureau as belonging to Yaniv):

Recently, Jessica even turned up uninvited to a beauty pageant featuring young girls and started taking photos of them. The organiser, Charlotte Millington, flipped out at her:

There’s a ton more questionable online behaviour from Jessica covered HERE, but I think this evidence is enough to get alarm bells ringing about the sort of person we’re dealing with here.

It’s just nuts (pardon the pun) that the Canadian government is actually considering whether to order these women, by law, to wax a set of cock and balls. Surely forcing a woman to wax a penis and balls falls under sexual assault?

Sadly, one of the businesses Jessica took to court has already shut down (owned by Brazilian immigrant Marcia De Silva). Others have settled out of court for amounts ranging between $1,000 to $5,000. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the remaining businesses and those affected with the legal costs they will incur fighting Jessica Yaniv’s lawsuit.

Even Ricky Gervais has weight in on the ridiculousness of the situation:

For the transgender woman who found love with the man who rejected her when she was a male, click HERE.



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