Ricky Gervais Is Hitting The Big Screen With ‘David Brent: Life On The Road’

David Brent on the road

He’s on the free love freeway.

Oh yes, Ricky Gervais is back and this time it is made even more exciting by the fact that he is resurrecting probably his best character of all time — David Brent.

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Gervais, who is writing, directing and starring in the feature length film ‘David Brent: Life On The Road’, has just released the first teaser trailer and as you can see, it is going to be the same mockumentary-style as The Office.

The story follows Brent who is working as a sales rep for a “Slough based cleaning products distributor” called Lavichem, while attempting to make it into the music business by touring the country as a singer-songwriter. Classic. Check out the trailer below:

Can’t wait for this one — looks like it is going to have the same, classic awkward British humour as The Office, just with crisper production. The official UK release date is 19 August so we don’t even have to wait that long.

2016 really is shaping up to be a good year for movie releases. Not only do we have Lights Out to look forward to, but there’s also a film coming out which sees Daniel Radcliffe play a farting corpse. I’m not even lying.


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