This Guy’s Mug Shot Is Going Viral Over His Very ‘Distinctive’ Look

The comments are absolutely ruthless.

Every one in a while a police department somewhere in the world will share a mugshot of a ‘unique’ looking criminal knowing full well how relentlessly ruthless the internet can be.

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This week it’s the turn of Florida felon Ricky Deeley whose mugshot quickly went viral after the 34-year-old was pulled over this week and found to be driving with a suspended license. He also had two passengers with him, one of whom was wanted by police and lied about their identity and another who had a bunch of meth, weed and a gun on them.

All three mug shots were shared online, but it was Deeley’s that brought out the ‘jokers’ in full force.

And the comments:

Brutal stuff.

There were other, more sensible comments too that make a very good point about how this guy may have ended up in the situation he’s in:

True enough, but we all know the internet is an unforgiving place so maybe the police need to exercise a little bit of discretion when sharing certain mugshots online. We can’t all look like Jeremy Meeks, can we?

For the drug dealer whose mugshot received the rinsing of a lifetime thank to his receding hairline, click HERE.


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