Politician Goes Out To Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Gets Ripped To Shreds By Lady Screaming At Him

Being a politician can be really tough sometimes.

If you haven’t heard of Florida governor Rick Scott, all you really need to know is that Donald Trump is considering him for Vice Presidency if he gets elected. Nuff said.

Here’s what happened when he popped into Starbucks the other day to grab a quick cup of coffee:

Ouch. I guess the truth is you just can’t win when you’re a politician, whether you’re this guy or Donald Trump or David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn. Someone’s going to eviscerate you in public eventually, and all it takes is for them to disagree with your policies which is something that’s going to happen no matter who you are.

That’s why you couldn’t pay me to become a politician. Look at this guy — just trying to buy himself a coffee at Starbucks and boom, someone pops up screaming and ranting at him, calling him an arsehole and whatnot. Not a nice way to live. No wonder he couldn’t get out of there fast enough.


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