Richard Madeley Just Interviewed A Naked Brexit Protester On Live Television


This is very Alan Partridge.

It’s often forgotten how funny a presenter Richard Madeley actually is now that he’s not on our screens as much as he used to be, but it’s moments like this that really drive home what an entertaining character/absolute idiot he is.

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Madeley is covering for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain this week – which instantly makes it a more attractive proposition – and he didn’t disappoint after one of his first segments involved an interview with 62 year old Brexit protester Dr Victoria Bateman, a professor at the University of Cambridge. Why was she naked? Because she was arguing that Brexit left Britain naked and wanted to illustrate this by writing the phrase on her naked chest of course.

As you can probably already guess, this interview is pretty Alan Partridge from the offset but some of Madeley’s comments really do make it:

Yeah that whole section was just stupid but I suppose it did highlight how much more fun it is to watch Madeley do these bits then Piers Morgan just humping around being a grouch about everything and doing his best to piss everyone off. Really wish he would just get lost off our screens forever rather than just this week or whatever. Awful idiot.

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