Watch A Naked Man Perform A Pole Dance On The Victoria Line Of The London Tube

Naked Man Victoria Line

Party time.

There’s no denying that sometimes it’s fun to get naked and jump around when you’re wasted, but it’s perhaps not advisable to do this in a public space like on the tube.

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Nevertheless, there are always going to be people out there that do think behaviour like this is a good idea and we’ve got one for you in the video below. The Victoria line was pulling into Brixton at around 11pm on Sunday night, and one guy had clearly over indulged himself, deciding to celebrate its imminent arrival by folding his clothes up into a nice neat little pile and proceeding to pole dance all over the carriage.

Check out the footage below:

What an absolute nut case. Shame nobody on the tube seems to be that impressed but I suppose at that time on a Sunday you just want to be home in bed watching Match Of The Day and wishing you didn’t have to get up for work the day after. Not having some naked guy waving his junk in your face – that’s what more of a Saturday/Friday night kinda vibe. Guy should know better.

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