Richard Dawkins Says England Is Becoming A ‘Nasty Little Backwater’

Richard Dawkins

Sharp but fair.

Legendary atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins has slammed England, as the government makes the transition to leave the European Union.

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As Article 50 is triggered and Britain formally begins Brexit, Dawkins says that England is becoming a “nasty little backwater”, and has called voters, including himself, “ignoramuses”.

In light of the Scottish government voting in favour of a second independence referendum, Dawkins said:

Earlier this month, he further elaborated on his stance against Brexit, by saying in an interview on BBC Newsnight:

Constitutional amendments are – or should be – hard to achieve… Unlike ordinary law-making, constitutional changes are for keeps. Voters are fickle, opinions change.

We have no right to condemn future generations to abide, irrevocably, by the transient whims of the present.

Richard Dawkins

Damn straight – because it is the future generation that is going to have to deal with the economical, social and environmental downfalls that will arise thanks to Brexit. I guess all we can do is wait and see how badly the “nasty little backwater” descends.

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For more on Richard Dawkins being an absolute legend, here he is reading his hate mail. Funny as fuck.


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