Move Over Rich Kids Of Dubai and Russia – There’s A New Group Of Billionaires In Town


Lifestyles of the young and (extremely) wealthy.

Move over rich kids of US, UK and Russia – there’s a new group of spoiled shitbags in town and they’re putting the rest of the world to shame. I’m talking about the Rich Kids of Nigeria. If their Instagram accounts are anything to go by, they’re taking lavish living to the next level.

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One of the top rich kids is Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-money  (lolz). He’s currently the country’s youngest billionaire due to interests such as property, oil and gas and he even has his own record label. He owns properties in Lagos and has kitted them out with insanely elaborate (and… tasteful) gold furniture.

When he’s not hanging about in his headache-inducing home, he’s in the VIP areas of nightclubs where he loves to pull out his money machine gun and spray the crowd with cash. What a mo’fuckin baller.

A guy named Mompha, who is the CEO of a Lagos Bureau De Change, bragged about having a buttload of Louboutins which he has ‘lots of them like coupons’. Similarly a guy named Hushpuppil has a love for the red-soled shoes as well as Gucci and Versace. He recently posted pictures of himself at a Versace event where he wrote:

None of you nuisance, noise makers was invited.

To God be the glory, it was a successful event and I had a wonderful experience, met worthy people of great class.

Of course I made a purchase of one jacket with a huge price tag.

These jackets are not going to be available for the general public and they will never be made after this event.

They are once in a life time exclusive pieces and of course I only like it if it’s one of a kind, cos I don’t work with crowd mentality and I’m not built to be a champion in a local market.

Definitely not ‘crowd mentality’ when you’re literally spending thousands of dollars on a shit item of clothing so that you can be a walking advertisement. Good one mate.

Yes, it seems like the rich kids of Nigeria definitely rival the insufferable rich kids from the rest of the world. It is interesting to see what happens when people are given more money than sense. Basically it doesn’t matter what country you’re in – the human race turns even more fucking irritating when you throw cash into the mixture. You only need to hear one of the Kardashians open their mouths to realise that.


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