This Rich Kids Of Russia Instagram Shits All Over Every Other Rich Kid Instagram Out There

What a life.

Most of what we see online about Russia makes it out to be this cold and depressing wasteland full of absolute savages (I guess we’ve played our part somewhat with that perception), but judging by the Rich Kids of Russia Instagram page, someone out there seems to be enjoying themselves.

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In fact, these little shits are living a life of all-out paradise.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

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Russia 0

Russia 1

Russia 2

Russia 3

Russia 4

Russia 5

Russia 7

Russia 8

Russia 9

Russia 10

Russia 6

Well I guess this last one looks like every other muppet out clubbing on a Friday night, but you get the picture. Meanwhile, I put £6 petrol into my VW Polo today. Winning.

P.S. How about these rich Saudi kids trying to spark up in a car full of butane gas? Morons.


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