Rice, Pasta And Pot Noodle Stocks Are Running Low In The UK Thanks To Coronavirus

The UK is completely in the grip of Coronavirus fear at the moment, with Boris Johnson warning that the workforce may have to be self quarantined at some point in order to stop the spread around the island.

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Understandably, this has led to a lot of people in the country being understandably scared shitless of the virus and heading to their local supermarket and stocking up for the days, weeks or possibly even months that they might be forced to hang out in their houses on their own. This if of course despite the government warning us that there’s no reason to panic buy, but who’s going to listen to the government when the virus is spreading exponentially and there’s literally no way to stop it?

Most essentials are still currently available in shops, but masks, hand sanitisers and tissues have been flying off the shelves as people desperately try to avoid contracting the disease. Boots even had to impose a two bottle limit on some people to ensure that they didn’t run out of stock.

Other items that have come under pressure are rice, pasta, couscous, Pot Noodles, tins of beans, bottled water, pet food, milk, butter and yoghurt. Pharmacy shelves are also bereft of paracetamol, ibuprofen and immune-system boosting tablets as people prepare to do battle with the Coronavirus. All you have to do is go on Facebook or Twitter to see pictures of empty supermarket aisles where those items used to be.

Damn. Funny that the Corona is on discount – I guess we know if everything else is sold out we’ll still be able to get some of that for the end of the world party of whatever.

Seriously though, it feels like the message to stay calm and not panic buy anything really isn’t getting through whatsoever, but how can it when the media is becoming so hysterical about the whole thing, even though the virus has barely claimed that many lives in the grand scheme of things? Better head to the supermarket ASAP.

At least people aren’t fighting each other with knives over toilet paper just yet. That’s going on in Australia.


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