Rey Mysterio Jr. Looks Completely Different Now

You probably wouldn’t recognise him if it wasn’t for the mask.

Rey Mysterio Jr was one of the most loved wrestlers of the post attitude era, with his underdog status as a nimble cruiserweight being exploited to the maximum via unlikely Royal Rumble and WrestleMania appearances.

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Unfortunately for him, his tenure in the WWE didn’t last too long thanks to multiple injuries, but he’s still doing what he loves on the underground circuit, wrestling lucha libre matches all over the world via Mexico. Only thing is though, that his look, style and gimmick have completely changed.

Sure, he still wears his mask but other than that he’s pretty much unrecognisable from the little scamp who won the hearts of WWE fans in the mid to late 00s. Get a load of this:

Rey Mysterio JR

Whoa. Somebody bulked up a bit eh? I wonder if he can still do the 619 and the hurricanrana now that he’s so muscular I/ wonder if his fights are even any good now as he surely can’t be doing all the stuff he used to, right?

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It’s kind of weird that he would bulk up so much when his whole gimmick was being quick and nimble, but I suppose things change when you get released by the WWE. There’s also the fact that he actually killed someone in the ring a couple of years ago, which probably hasn’t been easy for him to deal with.


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