Woman Uses Guys Who Hit On Her To Get Revenge On Her Ex In The Best Way Possible

Woman revenge

Well played.

If you claim to be someone that’s never been screwed over by a girl or a guy in your life when you’ve been looking for love then I’m pretty sure you’re a liar, so chances are that you’ll find this excellent revenge scheme that someone embarked on with their ex highly amusing.

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Literally everyone has thought of the best way to get back at their ex without seeming too butthurt or self absorbed/obsessed about it, and whilst this method does reek a bit of clinginess it requires so little effort that it really is a thing of beauty. It’s the kind of thing that you would just fall into after a while and even though you might never see the results, you would just KNOW that your ex is suffering from it.

The revenge method comes courtesy of a guy called Daniel from Kansas City over in the US. Here’s what he tweeted over the weekend:

Ouch. There’s no way that’s not going to be annoying, and if she keeps it up then the dude will actually have to change his number. And there’s literally no reason why she wouldn’t because I bet so many creeps hit on her at the bar that she probably needs a back up number to give them. Most girls probably have one memorised anyway for situations like this so why not your ex who screwed you over? Great idea.

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