Girlfriend Gets The Most Bizarre Revenge Ever On Fat-Shaming Ex-Boyfriend


Chinese girlfriends don’t mess about when it comes to revenge, as evidenced by the lady who set her husband’s mistress on fire (NSFW) or the woman who cut her husband’s dick off, waited until he got surgery to re-attach it, then cut it off again.

This one girl with the username Xiaoxiao on China’s Weibo social network went a little left with her revenge story though, after years of being fat-shamed by her ex-boyfriend and his family.

Xiaoxiao got liposuction surgery done and then made bars of soap out of her own fat and sent them to her ex-boyfriend alongside photos of her new look.


Pic shows: Current pictures of Xiaoxiao. A girl who gave herself a stunning new look with a liposuction has sent the ex boyfriend who dumped her for being too large a bar of soap made from her own fat. The woman also accompanied the soap with pictures of her new look, and then share them online as well where she was voted as "hot" and "cute" by fellow netizens. She said that the soap was for the ex-boyfriend who dumped her because she was too fat, and had called her names, which had forced to undergo liposuction. Identified only by her online nickname Xiaoxiao, the woman posted pictures on her personal social media account on popular microblogging website Sina Weibo, showing herself holding the bar of soap made from her fat. In a caption accompanying the photo, Xiaoxiao claimed the soap was one of several made after the successful liposuction operation. She said that as well as her ex-boyfriend she also plan to send them to his family as gifts during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations to show him what he was missing. The incredible scenes of revenge on social media soon made their way into mainstream media, which is now calling the soap saga Xiaoxiaoís "ultimate form of revenge" for being a victim of so-called "fat shaming". Xiaoxiaoís message to her ex also said he should use the soap to wash his mouth after he apparently said some nasty words to her about her physique before their break-up. Even netizens who felt the idea of making soap from human fat was disgusting could not help but applaud Xiaoxiaoís well-publicised "victory" over her ex. (ends)

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She intends to send more bars of the soap to her ex’s family as presents for the Chinese New Year in February.

Xiaoxiao included a message to her ex saying he could use the soap to wash his mouth out after dissing her physique before their break-up. Sounds like a pretty nasty bloke to be fair.

Still, at least she didn’t decide to Face-Time him while giving another dude head.


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