The Release Date Of The New Series Of Black Mirror Has Finally Been Revealed

Black Mirror

Not long to wait.

Black Mirror is one of the most talked about TV shows of the last few years and so it’s no surprise that Netflix have been building the hype up for the past couple of months before they reveal the release date – pretty much annoying everyone in the process.

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The day has finally arrived when the streaming company has decided to come clean about it, along with a new trailer. The new series will be available on December 29th, which apparently they’re now dubbing Black Friday:

Yeah, they’re not really giving much away there with the episode clips – just a bunch of people saying ominous words in a serious way to pique your interest, but we’re probably already way more excited about it just because we’ve finally got a release date. Only three more weeks to wait eh.

If you wanna know more about the new series, then check out a couple of full trailers to the new episodes here. Doesn’t really tell you that much more about them to be honest though, just saying.


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