Netflix Has Released Trailers To Two New Black Mirror Episodes

Black Mirror

It can’t be long until the new series now.

The hype for the new series of Black Mirror really is turning up to fever pitch now, especially as we don’t even know when it’s actually going to drop on Netflix, but they still keep ramping it up bit by bit, the bastards.

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The latest turn of the screw is to release two trailers for individual episodes in the new series. ‘Arkangel’ is directed by Jodie Foster and tells the story of a woman who injects her daughter with some kind of tracking device during a scientific trial , presumably so she can keep tabs on her better all the time, although it doesn’t look as though it has quite the desired effect from the trailer.

On the other hand, ‘Crocodile’ kind of looks like an Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind inspired episode as a detective tries to get to the bottom of a car crash by using some kind of machine to delve into the victim’s memories. It gets a bit seedy though when she mentions ‘the private stuff’ though :S

Anyway, take a look at them below and see what you think:

Yeah, they aren’t giving much away there about either of them are they but hey, it wouldn’t be Black Mirror if we knew what was going on would it? Just gotta wait for them to finally put the episodes up so we can watch them and be utterly enthralled about them all over again. Soon please.

For more on the new series of Black Mirror, here’s Charlie Brooker talking about each episode and actually giving some things away. Seriously.


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