Reese’s Have Launched A Peanut Butter Version Of The Creme Egg

Reese's egg

Nom nom nom.

In what might be the best bit of news we’ve heard in a very long time, Reese’s have announced the launch of their very own peanut filled creme egg.

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Just imagine it – a delicious chocolate outer shell, but instead of the sugary fondant filling, it’s delicious peanut butter creme. Oh my days.

The eggs, which are out just in time for Easter, come in packs of five, so you can either binge on them all in one sitting or share them with your buddies.

They also come with a tiny spoon so you have the option of scooping out the middle to enjoy it bit by bit.

I bet you’re all thinking what I’m thinking – these are going to make the perfect munchies snack. Maybe even better than Cadbury’s Creme Eggs? Then again, maybe not.


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